Kalptiya Onday tour - Airport to kalpitiya

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Welcome to Sri Lanka. If you are interested to see the Whales and Dolphins which appear in certain places of the sea, we will offer our transport services from the airport to these spots. Dondra point in down south is famous for whale watching. December, January and April are the peak month’s sightings. During these months, you are sure to spot sperm Whales and Blue Whales. Whale watching trips are made available in a fully insured trawler boat, which will last for 3 hours.

This is another spot where you can see pods of 1000 dolphins. Here the Spinner Dolphins are the most common with Bottlenose, Risso and Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphins seeing regularly. During November to December and March to April Sperm Whales are mostly found. Then you can enjoy the thrilling site of the Blue Whale (largest mammal in the world) Minke, melon Headed and Dwarf Sperm Whales are also spotted. There also have been rare appearances of Orcas also.

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